Semantic versioning is used (starting with v3.0.0).


  • Backwards incompatible changes:

    • Remove path.tsv_lines: use parse.tsv instead.

    • Remove algorithms.spread_points_in_hypercube: it simply returned opints on a grid, which can be achieved with numpy.meshgrid, e.g. 3D grid:

      import numpy as np
      side = np.linspace(0, 1, ceil(n**(1/3)))
      points = np.array(np.meshgrid(side, side, side)).reshape(3,-1).T
    • Rename path.assert_mode to test.assert_file_mode

    • Rename path.assert_equals to test.assert_file_equals

  • Enhancements/additions:

    • Add test.assert_dir_equals
    • Add various.join_multiline
    • Add test.assert_xlsx_equals
    • Add parse.csv
    • Add parse.tsv
    • Add write.csv
    • Add write.tsv


  • Backwards incompatible changes:

    • Remove asyncio.stubborn_gather: More often than not, when you need this, you should look into a full blown pipeline framework such as Nextflow instead.

    • Remove click.assert_runs: It is usually simpler to use pytest’s isolation and output capturing than to use this function

    • Remove click.argument: Click’s arguments are required by default, you can simply use the real click.argument directly.

    • Remove dict.assign: Esoteric and easily replaced by: destination.clear(); destination.update(source).

    • Remove function.compose: Compose can be found in other PyPI packages, e.g. in Toolz: toolz.functoolz.compose.

    • Remove urllib.request.urlretrieve can be used instead, though the filename suggested by the server is not used. Only the extension of the downloaded file will match that of the server.

    • Remove inspect.call_args: Esoteric, can achieve something very similar with:

      args = inspect.signature(f).bind_partial(*args, **kwargs)
    • Remove iterable.sliding_window: Use more_itertools.windowed instead. Drop in replacement.

    • Remove iterable.partition: If your data is sorted by key, you can just use itertools.groupby as drop in replacement. Else, you can use toolz.itertoolz.groupby, but arg order is swapped and element order may not be preserved.

    • Remove iterable.flatten: Use more_itertools.collapse instead. flatten(a, b) becomes collapse(a, levels=b).

    • Remove path.write: Use pathlib.Path.write_text instead. However, you are now responsible for creating any missing ancestor directories (os.makedirs). The use of mode can be replaced by p.touch(); p.chmod(mode); p.write_text() or a variation depending on your use case.

    • Remove Use pathlib.Path.read_text instead.

    • Remove pymysql.patch: Instead of globally patching it, use the conv argument when creating a pymysql Connection.

    • algorithms.multi_way_partitioning now returns a frozenbag instead of a bag.

    • multi_dict.MultiDict.invert now returns a MultiDict instead of a dict.

  • Enhancements/additions:

  • Fixes:

    • Fix package: Add missing data files and dependencies
    • Fix formatting of test.assert_matches, test.assert_search_matches: forgot newline after Actual:


Major backwards incompatible change: Renamed root package, pypi name and project to pytil.


Announce rename to pytil.


  • Fixes:
    • add missing keys to extras_require: hashlib, multi_dict, test


  • Backwards incompatible changes: None
  • Enhancements/additions:
    • click.assert_runs: pass on extra args to click’s invoke()
    • path.chmod, path.remove: ignore disappearing children instead of raising
    • Add exceptions.exc_info: exc_info tuple as seen in function parameters in the traceback standard module
    • Add extras_require['all'] to union of all extra dependencies
  • Fixes:
    • path.chmod: do not follow symlinks
    • iterable.flatten: removed debug prints: +, -
  • Internal / implementation details:
    • use simple project structure instead of Chicken Turtle Project
    • pytest-catchlog instead of pytest-capturelog
    • extras_require['dev']: test dependencies were missing
    • test_http created existing_file in working dir instead of in test dir


  • Fixed: README formatting error


  • Major:
    • path.digest renamed to path.hash (and added hash_function parameter)
    • renamed cli to click
    • require Python 3.5 or newer
    • Changed: asyncio.stubborn_gather:
      • raise CancelledError if all its awaitables raised CancelledError.
      • raise summary exception if any awaitable raises exception other than CancelledError
      • log exceptions, as soon as they are raised
  • Minor:
    • Added:
      • click.assert_runs
      • hashlib.base85_digest
      • logging.configure
      • path.assert_equals
      • path.assert_mode
      • test.assert_matches
      • test.assert_search_matches
      • test.assert_text_contains
      • test.assert_text_equals
  • Fixes:
    • path.remove: raised when path.is_symlink() or contains a symlink
    • path.digest/hash: directory hash collisions were more likely than necessary
    • pymysql.patch: change was not picked up in recent pymysql versions


  • Fixed: README formatting error


  • Removed:
    • cli.Context, cli.BasicsMixin, cli.DatabaseMixin, cli.OutputDirectoryMixin
    • pyqt module
    • various module: Object, PATH_MAX_LENGTH
  • Enhanced:
    • data_frame.split_array_like: columns defaults to df.columns
    • sqlalchemy.pretty_sql: much better formatting
  • Added:
    • algorithms.toset_from_tosets: Create totally ordered set (toset) from tosets
    • configuration.ConfigurationLoader: loads a single configuration from one or more files directory according to XDG standards
    • data_frame.assert_equals: Assert 2 data frames are equal
    • data_frame.equals: Get whether 2 data frames are equal
    • dict.assign: assign one dict to the other through mutations
    • exceptions.InvalidOperationError: raise when an operation is illegal/invalid, regardless of the arguments you throw at it (in the current state).
    • inspect.call_args: Get function call arguments as a single dict
    • observable.Set: set which can be observed for changes
    • path.chmod: change file or directory mode bits (optionally recursively)
    • path.digest: Get SHA512 checksum of file or directory
    • get file contents
    • path.remove: remove file or directory (recursively), unless it’s missing
    • path.write: create or overwrite file with contents
    • series.assert_equals: Assert 2 series are equal
    • series.equals: Get whether 2 series are equal
    • series.split: Split values
    • test.temp_dir_cwd: pytest fixture that sets current working directory to a temporary directory


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