Welcome to pytil’s documentation!

pytil (formerly known as Chicken Turtle Util) is a Python utility library.

The API reference starts with an overview of all the features and then gets down to the nitty gritty details of each of them. Most of the reference provides examples. For a full overview of features see the module contents overview of the API reference and the table of contents of the user guide (in the sidebar) as they are complementary.

Dependencies are grouped by module. For example, when using pytil.data_frame, you should pip install 'pytil[data_frame]'. To install dependencies of all modules, use pip install 'pytil[all]'. If you are not familiar with pip, see pip’s quickstart guide.

While all features are documented and tested, the API is changed frequently. When doing so, the major version is bumped and a changelog is kept to help upgrade. Fixes will not be backported. It is recommended to pin the major version in your setup.py, e.g. for 2.x.y:

install_requires = ['pytil.*', ...]


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